covid-19 became american:
classist, capitalist, complacent
torturous death cried out
beneath a white policeman’s knee

one thing follows another

sweltering snarls
unrest in so many cities
the darkness of this time
the milk-white palette

what comes next?

summer has blossomed
the certainty of storm
grows clouds from the horizon
an archangelic season

Kim M. Russell, 2nd June 2020

Storm clouds looming over the White House in Washington, DC ...
Image found on Shutterstock

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: What Comes Next?

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a ‘found/erasure’ poem from Brendan’s essay. I hope you don’t mind, Brendan.

20 thoughts on “Ironic

  1. The last line of your poem takes it into another realm. We are facing more than a pandemic now and America is the flash point. Some say this is the changing of the ages -archangelic times indeed.

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    1. I recently watched an interesting series from Australia, which tackled the way women, in particular Aborigine women, we’re treated. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was very good.

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  2. It is such a sad situation that has come about from this stupid and hateful act. It opened Pandora’s box letting out all the seething anger and evil that has been building for years; just waiting for an opportunity to let loose.

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  3. What a cool idea, a found poem from Brendan’s essay. Well done. What comes next…ironically, trump ordering the militia on his own people, then standing this morning holding a Bible in front of a church, seeing no irony in the two events. His base eats that stuff up.

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    1. Thank you, Sherry. I’m just stunned by what is happening. So frightening. America is supposed to be a place of equality. That man has so much to answer for.


  4. A reminder that those archangels didn’t just stand around looking pretty – they had big swords. The world feels very unsteady at the moment.

    I love the found/erasure poetry. I think I did that to one of Brendan’s poems, once. He pulls such powerful phrases out.

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  5. You certainly took up the quest(ion) …. And if the season has grown archangelic, then what happens next will certainly feel biblical. I sure would be so happy to see some other nation than this bad USA to occupy the news. (Much of the commotion here I think has to do with terrible inequities flooded by more.) (And BTW I prefer “dows” to “does” — something spelunkingly oceanic about it….) – Brendan

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