She’s a bright splatter of golden petalled bloom anchored in earth with her many faces in a single head. Her roots absorb toxins from the flowerbed as she worships the sun, tracking its movement across the sky with the loyalty of a lover’s eye. Kim M. Russell, 15th July 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]

The Seventh Gate

rising at the gate winter sun spreads little warmth sharing its wisdom Kim M. Russell, 2017   My response to Carpe Diem #1304 The Seventh Gate Chèvrefeuille tells us that, as he was reading the Rubaiyat, there were several quatrains he didn’t understand, which sounded magical and mysterious. Today’s Quatrain XXXI is such a quatrain: […]

Morning Sun in October

Overnight gusts of wind and rain have plucked leaves from the trees, waking early morning birds: October’s first words. Glints of sun on haws in hedgerows evaporate tear-shaped drops of rain on gleaming rosehips: a smile on your lips. Rowans droop under weight of fruit, scarlet beads radiate with promise of fair weather: a day […]

A resurrected love poem

Sun and Moon   The fickle moon smiles on the water At the constant sun Still lingering on the horizon Silver moon and golden sun So opposite Yet complementing each other In their corners of the universe   Between them they tease the waves Push and pull Ebb and flow of tide Lending character to […]

Sun in January

This poem was inspired by an image posted by Paul Militaru, which he has kindly allowed me to use.  Sunlight splinters the skin The membrane of water That keeps energy in Allows pebbles to skim And light to ricochet Blazing a dazzling way Across ripples and waves To the edge of the lake Or even […]