Lonely Magpie

On a never-ending January day, the whole garden drips with silent grief. There are a few sparse, dried-up leaves clinging desperately to the willow, now pollarded and looking sorry for itself. No birds alight on its branches, not even the magpie, which has taken to haunting the silver birch right at the end near the […]

Suddenly a Jay

A dreary winter morning metamorphoses with the fell swoop of a jay, a flash of cobalt among damp fox-brush bracken and berries lit up like Christmas lights left hanging long past Twelfth Night. The garden seethes with moisture but a chink of peachy sunshine spreads its wings and smiles on this January Sunday. Kim M. […]

Sun in January

This poem was inspired by an image posted by Paul Militaru, which he has kindly allowed me to use.  Sunlight splinters the skin The membrane of water That keeps energy in Allows pebbles to skim And light to ricochet Blazing a dazzling way Across ripples and waves To the edge of the lake Or even […]