Sounding Out Spring

Vowels ploughed into other: opened ground.The mildest February for twenty yearsIs mist bands over furrows, a deep no soundVulnerable to distant gargling tractors. Seamus Heaney In the north, the Ploughis ridden by the moonand frost continuesto clench the earth.Early morning walkingwakens words,enlivens lines from puffsof frozen breath,vowels ploughed into other: opened ground. Punctuated by stoneand root, […]

Echoes of Twilight

On the air, the taste of frost; breath of wood smoke and tang of leaves are suspended in twilight. A full moon reaches out to touch reflections splintering the white, tinged with bright lights of Christmas trees. Twinkling through the streetlight’s glow, intimate lamps of home remind us that its time to make our way. […]

The Owl and the Moon

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday #9 – moon Owls are truly mesmerising birds, with their moon-round eyes, sharp beaks and talons. Some are beautiful while others are comical; all are fierce hunters, skimming the ground silently to swoop on their prey. I rarely see the owls haunting the silver birch trees that […]

Ocarina Owls

In secret silver shadows of morning an owl on silent wings glides over the dewy garden displacing air branches skeleton leaves and my quickening heart orange-eyed and ghostly dissolving into the silver birches releasing quavering hoots with the timbre of an ocarina   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 Image found on Pinterest