Late Afternoon on a Norfolk Wherry

  My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meter-Made Mood–dVerse Meeting the Bar Victoria has challenged us to write a poem that illustrates how meter contributes to the mood of a poem.   His face is traced and creased by Norfolk gales, His skin tanned Van Dyke brown as wherry sails, The wherryman sits on the tiller […]

Man of the Marshes

My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #21: Pantoum   Squelching through the muddy marshes, Entanglements of grass and reeds, He swipes at bolshy bulrushes, Crumbles the heads into white seeds.   Entanglements of grass and reeds Bending, breaking as he strides by, Crumbles the heads into white seeds, Tossing them upwards to the sky.   […]