North Norfolk Trees

They cling to flat horizonsonly to be bent and wizened by the north wind’s blastthat steams in from the coast. It sculpts them into humps and twiststhat loom from drifting sea mists as giants, witches and hobgoblins,wild animals and dragons. Here and there they come together,huddling against the weather, hedgerows, small woods, copsesand swathes of […]


Evening and wherryman rolls sails to the sound of dry reeds on the banks the constant rustling and whistling grey herons and avocets bobbing on the waves otters anoint their territory to the east of this shimmering Norfolk Broad the sun always sets                         […]

Norfolk Sights and Sounds

windmills and flat landscapes coastal curves and seascapes white sails flash on Broads folded fields and sedgy meadows fruit in orchards and in hedgerows wriggling country roads plopping frogs and gurgling shallows trumpeting geese and warbling swallows rumbling tourist boats Norfolk twang and magpie’s cry commingle as the world slips by diminuendo of minor notes […]

Late Afternoon on a Norfolk Wherry

  My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meter-Made Mood–dVerse Meeting the Bar Victoria has challenged us to write a poem that illustrates how meter contributes to the mood of a poem.   His face is traced and creased by Norfolk gales, His skin tanned Van Dyke brown as wherry sails, The wherryman sits on the tiller […]

Claiming its Toll – a constanza

My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #26: Constanza   The sea is an ever present ghost Lapping at the landscape’s edges Pulling at its seams and stitches   Gulls survey from groyne and post Low dunes, marrams and wave explosion Sea encroachment and erosion   All along the Norfolk coast Towns, hamlets and villages Dwindle […]