Norfolk Sights and Sounds

windmills and flat landscapes
coastal curves and seascapes
white sails flash on Broads

folded fields and sedgy meadows
fruit in orchards and in hedgerows
wriggling country roads

plopping frogs and gurgling shallows
trumpeting geese and warbling swallows
rumbling tourist boats

Norfolk twang and magpie’s cry
commingle as the world slips by
diminuendo of minor notes

Kim M. Russell, 3rd April 2017

Norfolk Sights and Sounds (2)

On day 3 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we are looking at the list poem.

We have been asked to read example list poems (‘The Ice-Cream Man’ by Michael Longley andShort Shorted / Odogbolu 1995’ by Inua Ellams) and then to start writing down lists of things, which we should then turn into a poem.


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