New Pond

old pond’s spring water clouding with fresh abundance ripple of tadpoles Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response to Carpe Diem Universal Jane #14 Basho’s “Old Pond” Chèvrefeuille tells us that this weekend-meditation is a new episode of the special feature in honour of Jane Reichhold, ‘Universal Jane’, whose favourite haiku poets included […]

Friday Night at the Cardiff Novotel

(after Philip Larkin’s ‘Friday Night in the Royal Station Hotel) Light spreads brightly downwards from the wide- screen television between high windows that face the car park,  where taxi headlights flare. At the bar, men in short-sleeved t-shirts flash tattoos, down beery dregs and, glancing at the score, jostle in a noisy exit. Receptionists issue […]

Ode to a Hug

There are times, left alone with thoughts and memories, when up sneaks grief, a vulgar thief of quietude, squeezes salt and tears from a freezing heart. And there you are, warm as blood, enveloping stony skin, thawing emotions locked within. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image of statue on King’s Cross Station found on Pinterest On […]