Ode to Dylan Thomas

You did not go gentle through your life, knocked hard for flesh to let you enter, soul-shaken by your mother and your wife, thistledown-free and unafraid of winter. You, self-confessed gusty man and a half, languished in whisky and bitter-sweet ale, like the Dewi singing, ready with a laugh and a rhyme like a spouting […]

Ode to a Stranded Whale

You beach your beauty on the back of geo- magnetic storms. Spellbinding as pulsating northern lights, you offered songs to the night but were drawn by siren stars, lured off course and hurled through waves of coronal mass ejection, fought hard to correct your navigation. You collided with the shore and now you lie, exposed […]

Ode to a Hug

There are times, left alone with thoughts and memories, when up sneaks grief, a vulgar thief of quietude, squeezes salt and tears from a freezing heart. And there you are, warm as blood, enveloping stony skin, thawing emotions locked within. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image of statue on King’s Cross Station found on Pinterest On […]

Ode to a Lone Ranger

Another (not so) ‘secret admirer’ poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link   Feel free to read, Said the batman blogger,      Adjusting his mask.          I’ll tell you of Cohen and The Beatles              And Seattle sofa surfing.                  I’ll sculpt you a poem                      About the ascension of larks         […]