Free Breathing

Earth is an ornate looking glass, Inviting us to reflect honestly on the past, when fields were green, forests of ancient trees breathed freely, and we lived, loved and laughed. She wants us to remove our masks and see ourselves and Earth as we are meant to be. Kim M. Russell, 3rd May 2020 My […]

This Island

This island was mine, I lived alone with everything upon it, unnamed but known to me. Fresh springs sparkled for my eyes only. Twanging music accompanied the lullaby of voices on the wind and waves. Now I collect sticks for firewood and share the bounty of my isle, with no hope of unconditional love, a […]

Tender Buttons: Fern

A potted fern rusts in the corner. Why is it trapped in porcelain? An alveolus from the lungs of a forest, a socket for the wind’s teeth. the fern in the pot sucks and nibbles at the room’s stale air, exhaling just enough oxygen to stir the net curtain. Kim M. Russell, 4th April 2020 […]

Not Quite Empty City

Once, the constant backing track of traffic and city noise drummed in an ever-present hum. Streetlight haloes fixed glimpses of homebound faces as they passed, in shop windows and bus-stop glass. Now, there is no more morning haul or night-time crawl of onomatopoeic pedestrians and their quirky, jerky stop-and-go. Below deserted bridges, the river laps […]

Ode to a Lone Ranger

Another (not so) ‘secret admirer’ poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link   Feel free to read, Said the batman blogger,      Adjusting his mask.          I’ll tell you of Cohen and The Beatles              And Seattle sofa surfing.                  I’ll sculpt you a poem                      About the ascension of larks         […]