Cloak of Invisibility

When the clock strikes midnight, will she vanish out of sight, a squashed pumpkin, a shattered glass slipper, a homeless, friendless Cinderella? Cloaked in the nightclub’s anonymity, dancing in the dark, caressed by strobe lights, she relished her invisibility, touched someone else’s damp skin, caught a glimpse of other people’s lives. But outside, on the […]

Not Quite Empty City

Once, the constant backing track of traffic and city noise drummed in an ever-present hum. Streetlight haloes fixed glimpses of homebound faces as they passed, in shop windows and bus-stop glass. Now, there is no more morning haul or night-time crawl of onomatopoeic pedestrians and their quirky, jerky stop-and-go. Below deserted bridges, the river laps […]


She hobbles over cobbles, oblivious to the flash of gold-finches in the branches of dusty urban trees. They tinkle as they gather round dandelion puffs to eat seeds, collect fluff for their cobbled-together nests, while she’s still looking for a night-time place to rest. Kim M. Russell, 4th May 2018 My response to dVerse Poets […]

The Homeless Café

Some shine like celadon, confidence permeates every pore, while others, abashed and nervous, sag like vacant old sofas to the floor, salvaged by a café for the poor and homeless, a place to read and drink tea, chat over mugs of steaming coffee, clip articles from out-of-date magazines donated by local charities, debating the offal […]