The Homeless Café

Some shine like celadon,
confidence permeates every pore,
while others, abashed and nervous,
sag like vacant old sofas to the floor,
salvaged by a café for the poor
and homeless, a place to read and drink tea,
chat over mugs of steaming coffee,
clip articles from out-of-date magazines
donated by local charities,
debating the offal of life with trenchancy.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Week 165.png

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #165


16 thoughts on “The Homeless Café

    1. There’s a cafe like that in Norwich. It’s connected to The Missing Kind and was called The Kindness Cafe. It’s now called the Kinda Kafe. They support all kinds of projects across the world and it’s a great place.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful use of the wordle Kim 🙂

    This sounds like one of those “magical” places that pop up in cities, where someone decides to create a safe space and haven for those who are on the fringes, and struggling – and in the end, they often become “beacons” where suddenly, the “upscale” want to hang out.

    I really like this – I keep rereading it and it automatically conjures up some interesting memories for me.

    hope you have a wonderful week Kim 🙂

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