The right to twinkle didn’t belong to Marilyn alone, but every star in the dark empyrean dome: the glints, star- dust ­and the supernovas; stars that dazzle until they fizzle out;  and those that hang on to the past, hoping they will last for ever. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Today Gayle is hosting dVerse Poets […]


First flush of morning percolates through crepuscular dreams, lays first thoughts behind sleep-encrusted lids. Words hatch and squirm, caterpillars to feed the hungry birds of creativity. No point in wrestling with the behe- moths that eat holes in the rags of night, let in first light. It’s time to write. Kim M. Russell, 2017 ‘Dance […]

Waiting for Autumn

anticipation – a flock of swans’ beating wings foreshadows changes sunset-hued flowers herald the glow of autumnal earth Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Carpe Diem #1227 waiting for autumn (Aki tikashi, Aki wo matsu) Our classical prompt for today, ‘waiting for autumn’ (Aki tikashi, Aki wo matsu), is taken from the Kiyose, a […]