to twinkle
didn’t belong
to Marilyn alone, but every star in the dark
empyrean dome: the glints, star-
dust ­and the supernovas;
stars that dazzle until they fizzle
out;  and those that hang on to the past,
hoping they will
last for

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Today Gayle is hosting dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night.

I haven’t attempted a concrete or shape poem for a while, so when I read the following quote from Marilyn Monroe, I was inspired to create a quadrille: “We are all stars and we all deserve to twinkle.”


48 thoughts on “Starshine

    1. Thank you so much, Xenia! I’ve a few bits and pieces to work on this morning and then I shall be doing some reading – I think I missed one or two of yours yesterday, so they’ll be top of my list!
      I also need to get busy preparing the spare room for Ellen’s (my daughter) visit next week. My study needs tidying, too, so I expect to make a few visits to charity shops and the dump. The problem is, I could well come back with more than I take!

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      1. Haha, I love charity shops and know what you mean! Yesterday’s Weekly Photo Challenge post from Lochan Mor is my last one for a week as I am taking a short break from blogging to enjoy a bit of Summer while the days are still long. Enjoy your time with Ellen and we wish you all a wonderful week! ☺💜 xxx


  1. Love me some shape poems. I tend to do several shapes within many of my poems, lettering readers chase the words around the page. When a star dies, does darkness devour the light, or does it just make room for the more distant stars from other galaxies? Yes ? No? I think that since most of the stars in our skies are already long dead, the firmament will always twinkle with stardust & magic.

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    1. I think that when a star dies, it disappears into a black hole to make room for other stars. I do hope that the twinkling will continue – unless mankind does something really stupid…


  2. Marilyn had such a generous spirit. I’ve never tried a shape poem before but I would guess it’s not easy. Yours did not seem like the words were forced into the shape, it was very natural. Also I liked how not only was the shape a star but you got as many shiny, starry words as possible into it. Nicely done!

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  3. I remember someone at a poetry workshop once telling me that I should never include anything about stars into my poems – too much of a cliche. However, you’ve shown it can be done – and with great effect! I love the form and shape of this, as well as the choice of words.

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