Heron Twilight

The lens of day’s diminishing light freezes in the final blaze of sunset a sky-borne pterodactyl silhouette, whose serrated wings and compass-needle head trail a heron’s gangly legs. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Saturday’s Mix This week, Teresa would like us to look at silhouettes, which have […]

A Single Sprig

Tangible tranquillity crescendos throughout the day, reaching a climax at dusk. In woody eucalyptus of a sprig of rosemary, the town has remembered me. In its low, glowering skies, swarms of midges and horseflies, my wild memories linger. Kim M. Russell, 2017 wild memories – image by Magaly Guerrero (@magalyguerreroindarkerwords) My response to Imaginary Garden […]