A Single Sprig

Tangible tranquillity
crescendos throughout the day,
reaching a climax at dusk.

In woody eucalyptus
of a sprig of rosemary,
the town has remembered me.

In its low, glowering skies,
swarms of midges and horseflies,
my wild memories linger.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Wild Memories by Magaly

wild memories – image by Magaly Guerrero (@magalyguerreroindarkerwords)

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Mini Challenge: Fragile, Natural, Wild

The Prompt Muse has come bearing flowers, bugs, herbs… and three phrases, because in Magaly’s challenges *and in stories* the best things come in threes. 

Magaly’s prompt is simple: we should write a three-stanza poem using one of the images she has shared plus the phrase that precedes it. We should feel free to share the photos with our poems but, if we choose not to share our chosen image, we should add a note to say which photo inspired our poem.


21 thoughts on “A Single Sprig

  1. In its low, glowering skies,
    swarms of midges and horseflies,
    my wild memories linger.

    When the day darkens the melody of the little creatures will commence. All these are rekindled in wonderful memories! Ver much so Kim!


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  2. I’m with Kerry. You must’ve been right next to me, in spirit, when I took this picture. The air was full of pre-4oth of July feelings, the memories were thick, and the sky remembered…

    Love the last line best. 🙂

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    1. Do you get huge tree moths where you live? When I was a child, they used to come down our chimney and make a low-pitched buzzing sound. They frightened the pants off me then! Now, they fascinate me 😉


      1. We do get huge luna moths. Not sure about the tree moths. We have tons of cicadas down here and it is getting o be about time for them to start their sawing. I love that sound. Luna moths fascinate me as well – with their long proboscis and reflective eyes. They hang out around my cleome plants at night.

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