Norfolk Sights and Sounds

windmills and flat landscapes coastal curves and seascapes white sails flash on Broads folded fields and sedgy meadows fruit in orchards and in hedgerows wriggling country roads plopping frogs and gurgling shallows trumpeting geese and warbling swallows rumbling tourist boats Norfolk twang and magpie’s cry commingle as the world slips by diminuendo of minor notes […]


Simple hyacinths assembled in a bowl exude sickly breath of Altschmerz and sorrow. In the cleft lattice of a flower head, a liquid pearl trickles down the insidiousness of a fading petal curl, a reminder that mortals become weak and spent, and what firmness and agility once meant to a young boy who let two […]

Spring Breath

first morning of spring nature takes an icy breath exhaling colour Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Carpe Diem #1183 first day of spring (haruno saisho no hi) Chèvrefeuille says that this month he is taking us back to the classical haiku by exploring classical kigo (season words) for spring. He reminds us that […]