Sugar Daddy

Daddy, you eat all the sugar
and leave me bleeding,
a blistered foot with no shoe,
you do,
and I will have to kill
and sculpture you
into a blue marble statue,
bastard, you.

You were the universe, the moon my mistress,
if I had but known your crazed intent
to render me a manless, lifeless
lump of death,
I should have begged
for one last breath.

His body lies cold and blue upon the floor,
her sugar daddy is  no more.
The sugar all gone, her craving unsated,
now she wishes that she had waited
and made the bastard beg.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Twitter Me a Gothic Poem

This Sunday, Magaly says she wants to mix things up a bit and craft poetry that might inspire cackles or cringes. For today’s prompt, she has invited us to write a new 3-stanza poem, where each stanza contains 140 characters or fewer and follows these guidelines:

1st stanza will be a tweet from one of a list of thirteen writers (I chose Sylvia Plath);

 2nd stanza will be a reply to the first tweet, by a different writer from the list (I chose Lord Byron);

3rd stanza will be our reply/input/commentary to the exchange between the two writers. The stanza-tweets should be written in the chosen writers’ styles and the completed poem should read as one piece.


19 thoughts on “Sugar Daddy

    1. Thanks for reading, Jacqui! I’m afraid I’ve been playing catch-up this morning as I only got back from a two-day trip yesterday evening. I didn’t have time or opportunity to post anything but did write ideas down while in transit. So this morning has been filled with posting hurriedly scribbled poems before I collect my girls from the cattery.


    1. Daddy is the closest to a Gothic poem I could think of by Sylvia Plath, so that was my starting point. It was only when I had the first stanza that I decided that only Byron could be the sugar daddy.


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