North Norfolk Trees

They cling to flat horizonsonly to be bent and wizened by the north wind’s blastthat steams in from the coast. It sculpts them into humps and twiststhat loom from drifting sea mists as giants, witches and hobgoblins,wild animals and dragons. Here and there they come together,huddling against the weather, hedgerows, small woods, copsesand swathes of […]


we are aerial               we are swifts                              asleep on the wing                                             or rising sooty-brown                              to black against the sky               wings like scythesand all summer long we fly               until the long days pass                              African heat and grass                                             call like drums and rattles                                                                                                and we fly Kim M. Russell, 8th March 2021 My response to dVerse Poets Pub […]