and wherryman rolls sails
to the sound of dry reeds
on the banks
the constant rustling and whistling

grey herons
and avocets bobbing on the waves
otters anoint their territory

to the east
of this shimmering Norfolk Broad
the sun always sets                          lazily lazily

Returns to clinks
of glass and metal cans
­­­                                          to holiday makers
to crowds in local pubs

grumbling grumbling
at the youth of today
wherryman heads for home

Another night alone

Kim M. Russell, 21st April 2017

Norfolk Wherry, Supper Time 1892

Norfolk Wherry, Supper Time, 1892 – image found on Pinterest

On Day 21 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, Ali has asked us to write in the style of another poet, to study their subject matter, the way they phrase things, the way they break lines, their vocabulary, their world view. We should try not to do this from memory, but to actually read our chosen poets.

We must not say whose style we are writing in because Ali would like us to try to guess each other’s. Because they have such distinctive and easy to guess styles the following poets are banned: Emily Dickinson, ee cummings, Sharon Olds. Contemporary poets preferred!

When you have worked whose style I have attempted to write in, add it to the comments, please.

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