The Keeper of Time

I know that this is a little late for Halloween but I only just found out that it was unsuccessful in a short story competition, so I thought I’d post it now. She had been walking for just over an hour. Her thighs burned and her calves ached. Blisters had erupted on the little toe […]

Bookworm Holes

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #79: Wormhole The librarian had gone off to make himself a coffee. Thursday afternoon was always slow and quiet, with one or two people logged on to computers, booking a holiday or applying for jobs. No kids until well after three. Sitting low in a comfy chair in the […]

I’ve just got back from a book launch

The anthology, River Writes, in which one of my poems and a story have been included, is now officially launched. It is showing up on Amazon but is currently unavailable. Here is the link:…/…/0993566324/ref=sr_1_1… A touch of irony: there was a raffle and my husband bought a strip. the last number on the strip […]