Like a Duck

Life is a garrulous river glinting through wisps of cloud. A glimpse of life through cloud and I feel like a duck treading water, scattering sparkles on the water like van Gogh’s canvas of glowing stars. I swim against the tide of stars, drag my heavy body to a grassy bank and relish the respite […]

Swimming Wild

The evening tide is syrupy, strange ripples shivering. It laps at banks and licks salty rocks, as if it’s haunted. We dive in the river. It ties us in intricate knots. Kim M. Russell, 20th April 2021 Image by Christoper Osten on Unsplash My response to NaPoWriMo Day Twenty We’re two-thirds of the way through […]

Walking in the River of Dreams

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #127, also linked to imaginary garden with real toads The Tuesday Platform Brooke Shaden Photography   Slow and deep By the overgrown bank of sleep, Dreams slip, cold and slow-moving, Bearing dead leaves, a floating feather; Fantasy distilled by the flow of water. Emerging from the river and […]

I’ve just got back from a book launch

The anthology, River Writes, in which one of my poems and a story have been included, is now officially launched. It is showing up on Amazon but is currently unavailable. Here is the link:…/…/0993566324/ref=sr_1_1… A touch of irony: there was a raffle and my husband bought a strip. the last number on the strip […]