North Wind

The North Wind teases moored-up boats, ties knots in grass along the coast, leaves on our lips a salty taste, and chases inland ocean ghosts. It plays hide and seek with housewives’ washing, steals old folks’ breath and sets them coughing, plucks at branches, sends them crashing, and cheers the rain’s pouring and splashing. The […]

Weather Balloon

Storm clouds jostle on the horizon, ballooning and glowering, they threaten to burst. They have banished the full moon to the depths of a lake and inflated a weather balloon, set it free to rise high above the billowing mass – it’ll be raining soon. Kim M. Russell, 2017 Image found on Pinterest My response […]


I don’t worry about whether It’s foggy or snowy Sunny or grey I enjoy weather Whatever It articulates Feelings in my heart Thoughts in my mind Illustrates the day Colours in-between the lines Of life Offers something to talk about Fills in the gaps Introduces strangers Brings together friends Determines how a day starts And […]