Reviewing a Pomegranate

We purchased it for mixingwith garlic and honey, a dressingfor grilled halloumi and sourdough toast. Its orb glowed crimson,the blade split smooth skin,spilling the ruby jewels within, and stained our fingers with fruity blood.Its sticky flesh held heavenly food,the luscious seeds tiny surprises crushed between our incisors,trickling juice upon the tongue,a fecund fruit with a […]

Film Noir

His face was like a clock that ran out of minutes, his voice like a car with a flat battery, but he had the touch of a virtuoso violinist and a smile that was honest, without flattery. She was a feline, a purring predator, her sharp fangs hidden behind a full pout; she radiated warmth […]

Patterns of Ice and Water

We are frozen, Ice Age wasteland distilled in our bones and cart-wheeling in the blizzard of the imagination. We move together with clouds, snow and water, in a geometric dance, tessellated into landscapes of free-art fractal frost. We are wind patterns on snow, hoar frost flowers and lonely glaciers until, one morning, the skeins of […]