Love Eternally Day 24

autumn cherry tree
fading leaves cling to branches
as they start to fall

Kim M. Russell, 8th November 2018

100_2921 (2)

My response to Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat 2018 Love Eternally

It’s time for Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat, a period of 30 days to write haiku or tanka every day on a specific theme: ‘love eternally’.  The last five days or so are always the hardest for finding inspiration – so I went into the garden.

5 thoughts on “Love Eternally Day 24

  1. the last of the last? it’s funny, how we make associations – I hear “cherry tree” (or Prunus) and automatically my mind bursts to Spring, and the blossoms etc. and yet, the fall leaves, although not as brightly coloured as other shrubs and trees, are still interesting for their “splotches and markings” — perhaps the tears shed before the dormancy … 🙂

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      1. oh … wow, that’s a great way of expressing it … wind chimes … sometimes mournful …. now that is something to pause and reflect on!

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