Reviewing a Pomegranate

We purchased it for mixing
with garlic and honey, a dressing
for grilled halloumi and sourdough toast.

Its orb glowed crimson,
the blade split smooth skin,
spilling the ruby jewels within,

and stained our fingers with fruity blood.
Its sticky flesh held heavenly food,
the luscious seeds tiny surprises

crushed between our incisors,
trickling juice upon the tongue,
a fecund fruit with a tartly sweet song.

Kim M. Russell, 24th April 2023

Day 24 and only a week to go until the end of NaPoWriMo 2023, and the optional) prompt is a challenge to write a poem in the form of a review of something that isn’t normally reviewed, for example, our mothers-in-law, the moon, or the year we were ten years old. I have taken an old poem and reworked it for this prompt.


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