The Blue Mountain

was a cold flame on the horizon; it cast a wide-reaching shadow, an other-worldly drift of snow where three royal daughters were trapped by many-headed trolls who loved to have their scalps scratched. Tempted by a generous reward, a soldier arrived with a well-honed sword to make the trolls’ ugly heads roll. The teenage princesses, […]

Mother’s Algebra

Joined still to her mother’s placental algebra, she solves puzzles of love, life and parabola; sucking subtractions at a withering breast, expressing equations many years suppressed. Mathematics learned at the maternal knee curves and circles into geometry. Kim M. Russell, 9th August 2018 My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Wordy Thursday with Wild […]

A Sea Witch’s Song

Beach your beauty on the back of storms and bind your spells, pulsating northern lights. You offer songs to the night but are drawn by siren stars. Lured off course without navigation, you fight waves of mass ejection and collide with the shore, exposed to the cosmos: foamy flukes glint in starlight, your songs echo […]