A smear of lipstick on the way out the door

Mum greeted everyone with a blooming smile,lips frosted pink, applied and blottedbefore leaving our top floor flat. I used to delve into her make-up bag,untwist precious tubes and smearmouth, cheeks and chin with colour. I learned to love carmine caressesof creamy lipstick, blotted with kisses,or left steaming on cups in restaurants. But during this pandemic […]

On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

Like the sky maps sketchedin the bird brains of the geeseflying overhead this morningin their flocks and vees,your gentle face is etchedinto my genealogy.I hear their honk and chatterloud and clear; they fly byas if it doesn’t matterthat a day cannot be erasedby hoar frost. Yes, it’s here again,sparkling like it did four years ago,stiffening […]

Don’t Fade Away

Yesterday’s pinkstreaks of cloudin the skywere remindersof the driftingin your eyes,the absenceof your spiritthat last visit,the Christmasbefore you died,painful remindersthat I can’t abidethe inevitableebbing tideof your sweet,pink-lipstickedsmile. Kim M. Russell, 30th November 2020    My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: The Dude Abides Lisa is our host and she says that she ‘tried to […]

Memory of Scent

It comes to me through autumn smoke, the burning of damp leaves, that pricks the eyes and chokes the breath, the funeral pall of summer’s death: a hint of you drifts through the trees, teasing on the goose-bump breeze, the scent of Coty powder on your face, always just a trace of you in me. […]

Winter Thistle

Light as down, you floated a while, gradually fading, your smile a mere flicker. Your papery hands slipped through my fingers. Your breath dropped like wind and I, your thistle seed, caught here in earth’s embrace, watched as winter blasted you out of the atmosphere. Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to dVerse Poets Pub […]

Fading Photographs

I have an ornate cardboard box, quite large, with lid and metal handle, stuffed to overflowing with tangible memories, crackling paper photographs. I treasure most the black and white that echo with my mother’s laugh, when her eyes were wide and bright, her skin was smooth and her hair was soft, when she could lift […]