Emboldened by unseasonal sunshine, above rivers, fens and brine, pink-footed, barnacle, greylag and snow, Brent and Canada, see how they flow into skeins, and the beat of their wings honking and cackling as they pass by – a promise of spring scrawled in the sky. Kim M. Russell, 9th January 2023 Free image by Barth […]

On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

Like the sky maps sketchedin the bird brains of the geeseflying overhead this morningin their flocks and vees,your gentle face is etchedinto my genealogy.I hear their honk and chatterloud and clear; they fly byas if it doesn’t matterthat a day cannot be erasedby hoar frost. Yes, it’s here again,sparkling like it did four years ago,stiffening […]

November Geese

skimming the sunset a skein of pink-footed geese winter’s clarion Kim M. Russell, 4th November 2018 My response to Carpe Diem’s Leafless Tree #3 Morikawa Kyoroku, one of Basho’s disciples In another episode of the special feature ‘Leafless Tree’, in which we are introduced to one of Basho’s ten most important disciples, Morikawa Kyoroku (1656-1715). […]

Chrysanthemum and Geese

white bloom in the sky carved by geese calligraphy chrysanthemum moon white bloom in the sky undisturbed by drifting clouds mirrored in a pond carved by geese calligraphy scribbles in the sky a silver message chrysanthemum moon petals ruffled by a breeze a drifting feather Kim M. Russell, 5th August 2018 My response to Carpe […]


horizontal line scrawls, descending from the sky to the lake below flash of white as tails upend moon-shimmered sails wavering Kim M. Russell, 2017 My response to Thotpurge’s Micropoetry Month Rajani has kicked off the November 2017 Micropoetry Month with a couple of modern haiku/senryu.  She says, If the poems or the theme or just […]

Winter Octet

Skeleton stalks and leaves Litter the ground below the trees Headstone sky heavy and grey Weighs down the metallic winter day Willows weep and wind moans loud Weaving skeins across the cloud A funeral fugue of geese Paints a seasonal masterpiece   © Kim M. Russell, 2015 Image found on www.ournorfolk.org.uk