November Geese

skimming the sunset
a skein of pink-footed geese
winter’s clarion

Kim M. Russell, 4th November 2018

Image result for Japanese paintings and artwork geese flying at sunset
Yoshiko Yamamoto ‘Geese in Bright Yellows’, Japanese wood engraving found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem’s Leafless Tree #3 Morikawa Kyoroku, one of Basho’s disciples

In another episode of the special feature ‘Leafless Tree’, in which we are introduced to one of Basho’s ten most important disciples, Morikawa Kyoroku (1656-1715).  The goal is to create our own haiku or tanka inspired by the given haiku, aiming for the same tone and sense:

ah! morning glories
are at their best while I chant
my morning prayers

it is dawn
the castle surrounded
by quacking wild ducks

© Morikawa Kyoroku (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)

deep in the water,
softly moving his fins,
a carp, dreaming

© Morikawa Kyoroku (Tr. unknown)

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