Chrysanthemum and Geese

white bloom in the sky
carved by geese calligraphy
chrysanthemum moon

white bloom in the sky
undisturbed by drifting clouds
mirrored in a pond

carved by geese calligraphy
scribbles in the sky
a silver message

chrysanthemum moon
petals ruffled by a breeze
a drifting feather

Kim M. Russell, 5th August 2018

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My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #44 Troiku Challenge: Against The Sky

For this weekend’s meditation we have another Troiku Challenge: to create fusion- haiku, from which we create Troiku, from two haiku by Yosa Buson:

before the white chrysanthemum
the scissors hesitate
a moment

calligraphy of geese
against the sky —
the moon seals it

(C) Yosa Buson (Tr. Robert Hass)

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