In this stifling heat I conjure up the redolence of forest snow, the ice-trapped secrets of moss and fern, and the tingling overtone of pine – how I long to bottle it, make it mine. Kim M. Russell, 23rd August 2022 For this week’s Tuesday Poetics our guest host is Jo, also known as Worms, […]


there hadn’t been hesitant sleetthat eventually turned to snowheaped like hills on the empty street, it might not have fluttered silently,like luminescent moths outsidethe window, a continued quietude when the flakes ceased gentlyfalling, that might not have been brokenby the boisterous warble of a robin. Kim M. Russell, 27th January 2021 My response to Poets […]

This Snow

This mid-January morningall the blemishes are coveredand soil scars have been stitchedby the dusty blackbird’s tracks. Even the washing looks whiter,not frozen stiff, but dancing, blownby the wind that brought the snow. Kim M. Russell, 16th January 2021 A chilly little poem for earthweal open link weekend #53