A Blackened Sky

Clouds billowed thunderous greyabove charcoal stalks of heather. Trees held their breath all wind-filled day,browbeaten by the bullying weather. As if by lightning strike, a leafless oakexploded into jet-black blossoming: a magnanimous murder of crowsbroke from the darkness cawing, burst into the blackened sky,their sooty feathers spread and soaring. Kim M. Russell, 13th January 2021 […]

A Message from the Crows

She lingers by the lane, in the interregnum of autumn, an exhalation of green, watching glossy crows gather over stubbled fields of faded ochre, sewn delicately with bales and rustling with dragonflies. The end-of-day sun casts a murder of shadows, letters from above, the winged initials of her one true love. Kim M. Russell, 12th […]

Winter Twilight

Translation of ‘Winterdämmerung’, a poem by Georg Trakl Dedicated to Max von Esterle   Metallic black celestial sphere. In the evenings, starved to madness, Crows criss-cross storms’ redness, Blown over parkland sad and bare.   In the clouds a light is frozen; Each bird turns in circles then, Fleeing from the curse of Satan, Sevenfold […]

Something caught my eye on the way home from an appointment this morning

Plough Grey crusts and clods of earth Crack Turn rich and rusty brown In the furrowed wake Of the plough Breaking waves Of stones and twisted roots Distort the parallels Of tractor wheels That stretch to the horizon Surfed by gulls and crows Diving and pillaging The farmer’s Carefully crafted rows Image found on www.freefoto.com