Remember November

autumn storms reveal
the playfulness of corvids
buffeted black shapes

bare auburn branches
outlines against a gnarled sky
the cawing of crows

Kim M. Russell, 18th June 2020

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: Imagism Revisited

This Thursday, Frank T invites us to delve into the poetic craft of imagery, which involves finding the right words and phrases to capture the essence of a moment or a ‘thing’. Frank has focused on Imagism, of which he has given us a brief background, a list of some of the associated poets, as well as its main tenets:

  • Direct treatment of the ‘thing’, whether subjective or objective.
  • To use absolutely no word that does not contribute to the presentation.
  • As regarding rhythm: to compose in sequence of the musical phrase, not in sequence of the metronome.

He has also shared examples of imagist poetry by Ezra Pound, William Carols Williams and H.D.

Our mission is to write poems utilizing the aesthetics of the Imagists.

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