When all else fails…

there is the shade of the willow tree
the stone gnome sleeping peacefully
the deer that chew its healing leaves
the green light shifting in a gentle breeze
the piebald magpie with its chatter
about things that do not really matter
the cat that climbs its crooked branches
the scraps of sun in rays and patches
and the solitary white plastic chair
where I sip tea and forget to despair

Kim M. Russell, 17th June 2020

When all else fails

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #24: When All Else Fails…

Magaly is here today with an inspirational prompt based on something she heard while waiting to get tested for Covid-19 which, despite the serious background, made me laugh too: “When all else fails, I look up and hope not to get a face full of pigeon shit.” I love the way it brought strangers together while observing social distancing.

Magaly has invited us to write poetry or prose where speakers or characters fill in the blank in the phrase “When all else fails, I _____”.  We are not required to make the actual words/phrase part of our contribution. Our new poems or prose pieces should be about what happens right after all else fails, funny or serious.

25 thoughts on “When all else fails…

  1. This is absolutely breathtaking, Kim! 💝 Your poem gives me solace 🙂 especially love; “the green light shifting in a gentle breeze/the piebald magpie with its chatter.”

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  2. I feel like I have been pulled out of a moment and that I am enjoying a cup of tea while admiring the wonders that surround me. That “stop” in time can really help.

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  3. I’ve drunk up similar simple joys along with my morning tea on my back porch. Though simple seems to be a rather inadequate word when I think of the profound peace that a little time reconnecting with nature can bring. Thank goodness nature is there for us to take comfort in.

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