In this stifling heat I conjure up
the redolence of forest snow, 
the ice-trapped secrets of moss
and fern, and the tingling
overtone of pine - 
how I long to 
bottle it,
make it 

Kim M. Russell, 23rd August 2022

For this week’s Tuesday Poetics our guest host is Jo, also known as Worms, from the blog ‘Out of the Cave’. She has brought us ‘A World of Common Scents’, which was inspired by her little dog’s nose (as well as Patrick Suskind’s novel Perfume)!

Jo gave us a couple of examples of smell in poetry: an excerpt from ‘On Being Human’ by C.S. Lewis and C.J. Dennis’s poem about mutton. I’ve written a few poems about smell and wasn’t sure if I could manage another one – but I did – and it’s a nonet!


37 thoughts on “Tingle

    1. Back in the seventies, we used to buy essential oils and one of them smelled just like freshly mown grass. I haven’t been able to find it again, but I’ve got something quite close, Herbae from l’Occitane.

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