On a Late Summer Morning

in the countryside, 
a raucous cockerel crows,
roused and astonished by rose-
gold kisses that burnish the sky;
they set the frazzled foliage on fire,
untie twisted tendrils of rising mist
to offer up the magical gift 
of a morning in late summer. 

Kim M. Russell, 23rd August 2022
Image by David Russell

Linda is our host for this Monday’s Quadrille, which she has named after one of my favourite hymns that we sang at school, ‘Morning Has Broken’. The words are by Eleanor Farjeon and were set to a traditional Scottish Gaelic tune known as ‘Bunessan’. It became an even bigger favourite when it was recorded by Cat Stevens.

Linda has given us examples of poems about morning by Richard Wilbur, Billy Collins, T.S. Eliot and Mary Oliver. Our job is to write quadrilles, 44-word poems that include the word ‘morning’.


57 thoughts on “On a Late Summer Morning

  1. Whammo!!
    Love this in its entirety, but I’m blown away by those untied misty tendrils, and the fabuloso alliteration in the line that precedes them
    You rock, Sister..

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  2. Kim, I like your magical morning poem. It is a magical thought. Cat Stevens song was on my favorite list also. I thought of it right away when I saw the prompt.

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