The Possibility of Snow

Snow surprise transforms
and lifts an otherwise grey
February day,
delighting children
and the young
at heart with play.
But my hands are blue,
my fingers burn,
and my bones creak
at every turn.
The possibility
of snow this week
makes my insides churn.

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image result for artwork woman warming her hands
Albert Anker, Old Woman Warming Her Hands by Fire – image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Burning Inspiration

Victoria is our host today with the Quadrille word for Monday, which is burn.

69 thoughts on “The Possibility of Snow

  1. I’m not looking forward to this cold snap the UK is about to get so I feel I might end up just like the poor woman in the painting. Wonderful poem though, a fair few seem to have gone for the burn that comes from the cold tonight.

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  2. What a superb illustration you’ve chosen for your words….or your words chose! 🙂 I do think, as we get older, the cold seems to seep inside of us more. Our hands most especially. Nice juxtapositioning of the cold fingers actually burning…it really is a sensation felt when the fingers get overly cold.

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    1. As I’m typing this the snow is getting heavier and the wind stronger – apparently it’s coming from Siberia! My hands are so dry,and cracked at the moment that I have splits in both thumbs. Luckily, I don’t have to go out tomorrow.


  3. My mother-inlaw can relate. She sits in her recliner with a blanket over her. The cold bothers me more than it used to but not so badly that my hands burn and I get chilblains. The picture of the old woman is a perfect illustration to your words. She needs those handwarmers.

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    1. The picture took a while to find. My hands look awful at the moment. Even though I’ve been applying cream they are red, dry and cracking. My thumbs have splits in them, which are very sore, and I now have more than two numb fingers. Roll on spring!


      1. Bless your heart. Have you tried something like Bag Balm. It is an American salve originally used for cracked dry ice udders. I’m sure England has something similar. I used to get cracked dry fingers in winter. My mother would put it on my hands at night and out clean socks on my hands, cotton anklets actually. After a couple of nights my hands were healed. Take care of yourself. Your grandson to be wants to be held and snuggled by you!

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      2. Thank you, Toni. I have some great Hydromol ointment from the doctor and it has already given me some relief. Bag Balm sounds good too but I don’t know where to get it over here. The knitting is giving my hands a workout too!


      3. It goes by Udderly Good as well. You can get it everywhere here and of course at farm stores…gallon buckets of it! Hydromol is good stuff. Lol. We were poor and often too just used plain old Vaseline at night as well.

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  4. Lovely lovely poem. We have had snow here too, even though it is coastal and a rare event, a wee boy at school yesterday was almost in tears sitting on his hands after break-time as they were so frozen because he had been playing with the snow. The joys of youth, I sat nursing my mug of hot coffee. XXX

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    1. I’m about to make a hot drink to warm up my fingers! The snow is quite bad here. My husband has driven to work but I don’t have to go anywhere today, just out to the garden to bring in some logs. I’m going to crack on with the blanket I’m knitting for my grandson – only a week to go!

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      1. I am working from home as there is a strike at the university and I was never any good at being militant….so enjoying the snow and the fact that I don’t need to venture out. Enjoy making your blanket. XXXXXX

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      2. David just phoned me to say that he’s coming home. It took him over an hour to drive about 6 miles. He said that there are snow drifts and the roads haven’t been gritted so cars are slipping and sliding all over the place. I don’t know if I’ll make it down to my daughter’s on Saturday as there might not be any trains.

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