scorching desert heat no blissful leafy forest only dusty roads Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Carpe Diem #1362 Gansu (Northern route) This month we are on a journey ‘Along The Silk Road’ through China and around the Taklamakan Desert while reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. In today’s episode, we have reached Gansu, an […]


an unblemished sky winter is a silent flood where are the clouds? Kim M. Russell, 2018 My response to Carpe Diem Weekend-Meditation #18 Yugen, a new feature For this weekend meditation, Chèvrefeuille has created a new feature: Yūgen, which he says is usually defined as ‘mystery’ and ‘unknowable depth’. He explains that haiku poets use […]

Circus in Black and White

The memory is black and white and fading at the edges, glimpsed through a peephole of time. She recalls the creak and scratch of wooden planks  and his straw hat, the candy floss awe of the crowd inside, and the flap of canvas above their heads. That’s enough when you can’t afford a ticket but […]