On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

Like the sky maps sketched
in the bird brains of the geese
flying overhead this morning
in their flocks and vees,
your gentle face is etched
into my genealogy.
I hear their honk and chatter
loud and clear; they fly by
as if it doesn’t matter
that a day cannot be erased
by hoar frost. Yes, it’s here again,
sparkling like it did four years ago,
stiffening remaining leaves and
silvering the grass outside my window.

Kim M. Russell, 9th January 2021

For earthweal open link weekend #52, also linked to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry 

41 thoughts on “On the Fourth Anniversary of Your Death

    1. Thank you, Ingrid. Yesterday was harder, as the last time I visited her was the day before she died. We have been haunted by geese for the past week or so, and I can’t wait to get out and about later – we’re allowed an hour’s exercise and I’m hoping to see them on the Broads.

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  1. Such a tender poem, Kim. You link death to the geese also gone, but they’ll be back bringing the spring. Meanwhile, the memories are still and ever-present. I’m glad I don’t have any particular weather to link to my mother’s death. I was too shocked to notice much at all.

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  2. There is a mixture of longing and sorrow in this one, which I can relate to much too easily. It makes me think of every anniversary and birthday and holiday that came after losing my little brother. Things I never thought would bring his life to mind in the most vivid ways–loud music in the street, uncontrolled laughter, the taste of guava–have become reminders of his life.

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