Start the Week Day

I loved childhood Mondays, those start-the-week days, back-to-school days of stories, songs and poetry. They smelled of pencils, paint and ink, clean uniforms, faded dinner stink, disinfectant and freshly waxed floors. We sat in rows, our desks clear, blackboard clean, blank slates waiting for the teacher to write the date. Kim M. Russell, 4th February […]

Stained Voices

Vibrant voices, though mute, stream with light from every shard. The silent congregation of intricate and ancient art, is animate with sanguine songs, a cadmium and cobalt choir intoning medieval psalms and Victorian poetry. Such heavenly illuminations are devilishly delicate, so easy to annihilate. Kim M. Russell, 12th August 2019 My response to dVerse Poets […]

Goodbye Mundane Monday

I wake up early and greet another day, a mundane Monday, damp, cold and grey. Winter should be over, or so the buds tell me, there should be sunshine and daffodils. I watch a smoking feather, a skylark rising, and then a second hovers above the winter field – then another, and another ascend into […]