Spoils of Autumn

Autumn spoils us with its music,
a seasonal soundscape
of rain-swollen becks,

leaves fluttering
from the oaks
and raucous,

cavorting rooks
through the mist

before winter’s deep silence
grips the landscape
and days stretch ahead

taut as a tightrope
above cold iron earth.

Kim M. Russell, 19th November 2018

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Spoiler Alert!

Lillian is spoiling us as host of the quadrille today with any form of the word ‘spoil’.

53 thoughts on “Spoils of Autumn

  1. Wow, wow, wow! ❤ This is incredibly exquisite, Kim 😍 I love how you describe the gradual shift in season as we bid farewell to autumn 🍁and prepare for the arrival of winter ❄

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  2. A grandiose use of 44 words, dear lady. Yes indeed, and your last line is killer X 2. I loved this one. I have not ever read a better tribute to autumn.

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  3. I heard it in the wind last night
    It sounded like applause
    Chilly now
    End of summer
    No more shiny hot nights
    It was just the arbutus rustling
    And the bumping of the logs
    And the moon swept down black water
    Like an empty spotlight,

    Thanks Joni,

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      1. Sometimes the worst part of this time of year is the lessening of the amount of natural light we receive. The flaming chariot arises too late and spans the heavens, back into the stables way too soon.

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  4. As said, wonderful tribute to Autumn, but you have especially riveted winter:

    “taut as a tightrope
    above cold iron earth.”

    Coming into a winter life soon. Enjoying Autumn until then. Masterful quadrille Kim!

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