A poem in a new anthology

Second Place Rosette

I received copies of this wonderful little anthology at the weekend! You can buy it directly from The Emma Press, I’ve heard that it’s already on the shelf at Waterstones and it’s also available from Amazon, where there’s only one left in stock:


The poems in this book are varied and fabulous. Mine is the first one in the July section! I apologise for the quality of this photograph but it’s early morning, I’m recovering from flu and it’s really difficult to keep a new book open on a page!.

Seaside Beauties



10 thoughts on “A poem in a new anthology

    1. Thank you so much, Xenia! I’m well enough to travel down to visit Ellen for her birthday and look after my grandson while she goes out for a meal with her husband. I’m getting the train from Norwich tomorrow morning and staying until Saturday. Next Thursday is the official launch of Second Place Rosette in London and I’m going down for the evening with my husband – I’ll be reading my poem and maybe one other – The Emma Press hasn’t told me yet and last time they asked for two poems. It’s lovely being in anthologies but my goal is to get a pamphlet published. I keep entering competitions and submitting pamphlets but I’ve been longlisted only once. I’m still reading your book; I’ve been rationing myself to a couple of pages a week to make it last! I will write a review soon. 🙂 xxx

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      1. It’s lovely to hear that you are well enough to travel and spend time with your family for your daughter’s birthday and the anthology launch sounds like fun too! I hope you will get your pamphlet published Kim and contacting editors directly might lead you to the right publisher. I am glad you are making my book last! It is designed as something to easily dip in and out of and some pieces are meditations we can revisit whenever we wish 🙂💖 xxx

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