Orchids in Autumn

while outside leaves drift
orchids bloom in the kitchen
blush on a grey day

Kim M. Russell, 20th November 2018


My response to Carpe Diem #1548 orchids (ran) (classical kigo)

Today we have a classical kigo for autumn to work with: ‘orchid’ (ran). We also have a haiku by Buson on Ran, written in 1777:

yoruno ran kani kakureteya hanashiroshi

orchids in the night
in their fragrance hidden —
the flowers white.

© Buson

I took the photograph this morning – it’s so dark and dismal out there!

6 thoughts on “Orchids in Autumn

  1. Nice one, I like your image, I have a white orchid, I would have taken a photo but not sure how to get it setup on my computer from my cell phone, must start learning how to do it instead of getting a image from the internet.

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