Goodbye Mundane Monday

I wake up early
and greet another day,
a mundane Monday,
damp, cold and grey.

Winter should be over,
or so the buds tell me,
there should be
sunshine and daffodils.

I watch a smoking feather,
a skylark rising,
and then a second hovers
above the winter field –

then another, and another
ascend into a pale blue sky.
The clouds have lifted
with the singing and soaring

and I wave
mundane Monday

Kim M. Russell, 7th March 2019

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My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Music with Marian: Avant Gardener, also linked to Poets United Poetry Pantry

This Thursday, Marian would like us to take inspiration today from the lyrics of Courtney Barnett, a singer-songwriter of whom I have never heard.  

Marian says the song she has chosen to share tells an epic story that’s a window into a tiny moment but with big observations and she chose the live version because of its garden quality.

The challenge is to use the song as inspiration to write our own narrative poems about small moments. Marian says it’s an open challenge and we can write a poem inspired by Courtney Barnett: about breathing problems, ambulances, being a clever songwriter from Australia, or anything else that comes to mind.

41 thoughts on “Goodbye Mundane Monday

    1. I seem to be bird watching every day, Susie. There’s a magpie that visits regularly and, at the moment, there are six big, fat wood pigeons in the quince tree!


  1. I am so tired of those mundane Mondays which are dark and grey. I think we will have another one tomorrow. But spring is said to be on the horizon. It will take a while though to melt all of this snow. In your poem you say ‘winter should be over.’ — Indeed true, but SHOULD doesn’t make it so!! If only it did!

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    1. I think spring is teasing us over here in the UK. We’ve had some really sunny, almost warm weather, which has coaxed out blossom and flowers, and yesterday we got a sudden blast of very cold weather with high winds. I hope those spring flowers survive a little longer.


    1. Thank you, Anmol. I returned from London yesterday, on a strong and icy wind, and was delighted to see daffodils and other flowers blooming in our garden. I hope the cold weather doesn’t kill them off – although the sun is shining this Monday morning!


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