Start the Week Day

I loved childhood Mondays,
those start-the-week days,

back-to-school days
of stories, songs and poetry.

They smelled of pencils, paint and ink,
clean uniforms, faded dinner stink,

disinfectant and freshly waxed floors.
We sat in rows, our desks clear,

blackboard clean, blank slates
waiting for the teacher to write the date.

Kim M. Russell, 4th February 2020


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: What Day is is Anyway?

Sarah is our Poetics host this week and she has treated us to an anecdote and a poem in Yorkshire dialect all about the days of the week, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It reminds of the days when were certain jobs for each day of the week, and even certain foods – I remember it well from living with my grandmother when I was a child!

She has also shared poems by Richard Allen Taylor and Billy Collins.

Sarah would like us to choose a day, think about the features of that day, and then write poems about the ways different days feel to us.

32 thoughts on “Start the Week Day

  1. I love the couplets, Kim! It’s good to see a Monday enthusiast. I love your schoolday imagery, and that feel of a fresh start – how lucky we are to have a fresh start every week. If only I could see it like that every week!

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  2. Your poem got me thinking about school and the Monday thing and I honestly can’t remember what I felt about it. It’s very strange, having memories of things, events, people, conversations but not of what it all meant to me. As if I wasn’t there at all. You are lucky to remember such happy feelings.

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    1. I think my feelings about school had something to do with what was going on at home, Jane. Apart from my grandparents’ house, school was a happy place for me, where I had space to read and write, draw and paint.


  3. You took me back to school days. Every school I have ever entered has had the same smell, disinfectant, lunches, pencil shavings, and something undefinable that equates to lack of freshness. LOL.

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  4. You brought back memories for me too, especially in the olfactory department. I like the unique positivity of Mondays in your poem! Hopefully there are still students today who feel the same enthusiasm.

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  5. i worked my way backwards reading the prompts today and am so glad i get to read this last. i too so loved my childhood Mondays and you have said it in the most endearing way.

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