Mapping Memories

Mum and me

I start to trace
the map of her face,
the contours of her cheeks,
pools of blue eyes,
her valleys and her peaks,
drawing from distant memories,
trying to forget more recent days,
colouring the sunshine hours,
and feeling her warmth.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Musical Muse

This Tuesday Mish is behind the bar, serving up today’s Poetics. She says that after an action-packed road trip from Colorado to California to visit family, the grand finale of her ‘vacation’ was a concert with Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, one of her favourite artists. Mish is especially moved by their meaningful lyrics, which is why she asks us to choose some lyrics, preferably one line from a favourite song and grow our own poems from them. We are not limited to the original themes of the songs but should forge our own poetic paths. We must just be sure to highlight the line(s), giving credit to the song and artist. 

It was hard enough to choose a band or artist let alone a line from a song but, in the end, I took my one line, ‘Coloring the sunshine hours’, from ‘Ladies of the Canyon’ by Joni Mitchell, my one and only idol. I’ve provided a link to YouTube.

51 thoughts on “Mapping Memories

  1. My goodness, this touches me deeply. It makes me think of my mommy, of course — when she was younger and more available to me. I miss her laughing, jovial spirit … and her mobile body … most of all. Now she’s confined to a wheelchair. 😦

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    1. I’m so sorry if the poem made you sad – it does me too. I lost my mum in January after five and half years of rapid downhill dementia devastation. It’s heartbreaking to see our mothers get old and sick. I hope you are able to spend plenty of time with your mum, Jade. Much love xxx


      1. I only see her twice a year. It’s horrible. My family is in one state; my husband’s is in another. It has everything to do with my hardened heart, seeing her disappear like this. Of course she’s still there, but the mom I grew up with isn’t. I just wish she were the one who was about to turn 40, not me. 😦

        I’m so sorry about your mom, Kim. When’s her birthday?

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  2. I’m afraid I’m joining the memory party but in my case this reminded me of my grandmothers, especially the lines about colouring the old memories over the new. We can cling to old memories so tightly when we’re faced with the pain and loss.


  3. The earth is now my mother, and I tire of watching her being raped. My Mom died 51 years ago, but your words still conjured the tight gut & wet cheeks; nice job. I almost went with a Joni song too.

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    1. I completely agree!! I’ve never lost a person close to me, but I remember when I was younger and lost my first ever pet – I was crippled – horrible times – but I suppose some good can come from even the worst of things.

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