Shades of the Seashore

We walk along the blustery beach,
embraced by towering arms of rock
laced with white foam cuffs.
Falling sheer to shore, sombre cliffs,
banded with distorted strata
of basalt, rusty iron, brown and buff,
are broken by moss-cloaked boulders,
moist with silver sea mist and rain,
and crowned with gnarled oak,
wind-blasted, salt-stunted limbs leaning
towards the waves, haunted by loud
grey gulls wheeling in and out of cloud.

Kim M. Russell, 21st October 2019

At the Seashore by S. Anderson

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations with Margaret: Alcohol Inks Part II

Margaret has brought us the last of the Alcohol Inks she found at an exhibit of local talent in the Blue Ridge Mountain town of Boone, NC, which she has permission to use.  She invites us to interpret the images in any way we please and has included the artist titles below each image for a frame of reference. We may select as many as we wish to inspire our original poems.


16 thoughts on “Shades of the Seashore

  1. One of the delight of living close to the sea is seeing it in all seasons and especially when there is wild weather. How well your poem illustrates this Kim. I thoroughly enjoyed your poem.

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  2. A tale of Mom Nature’s majestic power and size. I like it. Reading here and then looking at the artwork I could not help but think of her smaller, more intricate creations as well. Of course the pebbles and stones pictured but also living creatures and bees and gentle flowers butterflies.

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