is the sound of wave washing whale
spurt of spout from blowhole
mournful moan of humpback’s tune
whaler’s ahoy and thud of harpoon
a deconstructed tooth or bone
hacked and sawn, cut and honed
when a lull of inactivity
gave rise to creativity
a reminder of giants of the sea
human beings’ waste and cruelty

Kim M. Russell, 4th October 2018

Image result for a whaler carving scrimshaw pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Artistic Interpretations: A Whale of a Tale

Margaret is our host this Thursday with inspirational images and a whale of a tale.

17 thoughts on “Scrimshaw

  1. Whaling did become wasteful when Europeans arrived. I wrote of the First Nations protocols, which were very different. I still dont like the whales being killed, though in pre-contact times, it was necessary for the aboriginals’ survival. I am glad it doesnt happen now, at least on our shores.

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      1. Yes. I abhor whaling. My uncle used to hunt in Colorado, mainly for food because they were so very poor. He would also kill out of mercy a big cat or elk that was injured and starving to death and leave it for the predators to feed from. So all hunting is not all senseless and cruiel and has its place.

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