All that’s left are 
the remains of war:
overturned tanks; 
crumbled bricks of a building,
among which lies, 
like a fallen crow, 
the blackened wing
of a fighter jet - 
and yet 
survivors smile
at children playing in a pile
of dust and rubble. 

Kim M. Russell, 14th November 2022

Image found on Freepik

It’s Monday and over at the dVerse Poets Pub we are winging it with De who is hosting the Quadrille, when we write poems of just 44 words that include one word provided by the host. Today, as De says, the wing’s the thing.

She says we could write about a hospital wing, or a pilot getting their wings. We should poem on a wing and a prayer, go political if we dare. Our poems are waiting in the wings!

46 thoughts on “Survivors

    1. Thanks De. A few months ago, my husband and I went to Shewsbury for a few days. While we were there, we ate in a restaurant where we were served by a lovely Ukrainian girl who had come to the UK with her mother. They had to leave her father and boyfriend behind to fight. She was telling us all about their old life and how it changed so suddenly. I just hope this terrible invasion will soon be over.


      1. Funny you should mention that because yesterday I was looking at it on Amazon, thinking of it for my granddaughter. I think she’s too old at 14 though. I see that Ingrid’s 7-year old son read it.

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