Navigating November

there is no dawn or dusk
no proper time of day
like the depths 
of the dark forest
we navigate November

running fingers
on bark and fungus 
to find north

we lean in close
listening for sap  
to rise and bubble
signs that queuing 
behind winter 

is spring

Kim M. Russell, 15th November 2022

Free image by Martin Látal on Unsplash

For this Tuesday’s Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub, Sarah is hosting with a November poem by Thomas Hood, which I loved reading again – like Sarah, it’s a poem I first met when I was a child.

Sarah thought it might be fun to pay tribute to Thomas Hood’s poem, seeing as we’re already in the middle of November, and she has given us options. the first is to take a line from this poem and use it as springboard for a new poem; we can golden shovel it or use it as the first line – or even the title. The second is to just say no and take a stand against something, as Hood does in his poem.


24 thoughts on “Navigating November

    1. Thank you Sarah! I prefer September and October to November – today I understood why, especially at 16.20 when it was pitch-black, wet , windy and cold. I shall be off to visit Ellen and the boys again on 1st December and I’m hoping the weather will be better.

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  1. A fascinating way to find north. And what a charming way even for someone looking for north in the dark — as when one’s eyesight is failing. I like this. And yes, spring. It’s right there queuing behind winter. Spring! Our Novembers are quite mild in my area of Japan, so I gotta say, I love November. I’d vote for two springs or two autumns instead of one summer.
    Adored your poem. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

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